Biography and Philosophy

Born April, 1968

Chris Frank is a self taught artist, and could be described in some respects as an Outsider Artist.

Frank is currently seeking gallery representation.

Frank creates assemblages from recycled and found objects. Taking something that was manufactured for a specific reason or purpose, then taking the object out of its original context and incorporating it into a sculptural form, has been a part of Frank's method of creative outlet for over 10 years now.

Frank is also a painter, concentrating mainly on abstraction and surrealism. His paintings and drawings reflect a candid view into the world of his subconscious and conscious mind. Many of his paintings contain an ethereal quality and are greatly influenced by his love and fascination with the natural world and his passion for music.

Frank has created public sculptures commissioned by both the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County.

Frank is a member of the Artists Collective called Id-ology. The group was founded in 2004 and has exhibited four shows together since its inception. The shows will generally include a guest Artist or Artists as well. This established group of individuals has a cohesiveness and edginess in their work that has kept local art patrons always wanting more. The group includes: David Christiansen, Greg Johnson, Ted Krone, Ed Langston, Greg Turner and Mark S. Walker. The next Id-ology show is scheduled for September 2011 at the Go Away Garage in Wichita.

Frank is happily married to his high school sweetheart and is the father of two very creative and bright young men. His wife and sons share his love of art and music, and are also very talented artists. Frank's wife and sons are his most trusted and influential critics.

Frank is a passionate audiophile and much of his work is influenced and driven by his exploration and absorption of many different musical styles and genres. He has spent an exuberant amount of time, travel and money both alone, and with his family, to attend live music events in the U.S. and Internationally.



"This is man dancing with nature and embracing the laws of physics. This is Chris Frank in his element.
Tortoise is pumping through the stereo. The paint is flying. Frank is one with the Universe"
Dustin Parker- F5

F5 Issue 19 Vol. 1 July 2003
F5 Issue 32 Vol. 2 August 2004

Wichita Eagle March 3, 2005
Wichita Eagle February 3, 2004
Wichita Eagle March 29, 2004

Westside Story Issue 12 Vol. 19 Oct. 2004


Group and Solo Exhibitions
Art Aid
Art Aid 8, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2001
Art Aid 9, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2002
Art Aid 10, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2003
Art Aid 11, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2004
Art Aid 12, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2005
Art Aid 13, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2006
Art Aid 14, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2007
Art Aid 15, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2008
Art Aid 16, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2009
Art Aid 17, The Cotillion Ballroom, Wichita, KS. 2010

Kinetic Sculpture-“Passiflora Sorma” commissioned by the City of Wichita,
collaborative work with Artists, Ed Langston and Tim Berg-intersection of
W. Central and Zoo Boulevard, Wichita, KS.
Praying Mantis Sculpture-commissioned by Sedgwick County, collaborative work with Artists, Tim Berg and William Shell,-intersection of 21st. West and Ridge Road,Wichita, KS.

Seeds of Change, Shopkeepers Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Black Light Psychadelic Art, Go Away Garage, Wichita, KS.

Art of the Bicyle, Go Away Garage, Wichita, KS.
Idology 4, Go Away Garage, Wichita, KS.

Brain Aid, Kelly Moody benefit show, Tangent Lab, Wichita, KS.

Salon Des Refuses, Commerce Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Robot Show, Commerce Gallery, Wichita, KS.

Free, with Lee Shiney, Tangent Lab, Wichita, KS.
Shrinking Planet, Erman B. White Gallery, El Dorado, KS.
Third and Final Joe Show, Lawrence Photo, Wichita, KS.
SOLO SHOW- Oscillating Frequencies, Artists at Oldtown, Wichita, KS.

Idology 3, Commerce Gallery, Wichita, KS.

Idology 2, Linesight Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Abondoned Planet, Firehous Gallery, Wichita, KS.
The Books, with Martha Wherry, Gallery XII, Wichita, KS.

The Joe Show, Lawrence Photo, Wichita, KS.
Bosworth Wedding Show, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
A Fathers Legacy, Fiber Studios, Wichita, KS.
Embracing El Duende, GalleryXII, Wichita, KS. Curator-participant
Idology 1, Firehouse Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Beanefit, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Car Wreck, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Trip the Light Fantastic, Fiber Studios, Wichita, KS.
Sweetarts, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Day of the Dead, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
The War on Visual Pollution, Firehouse Gallery, Wichita, KS.

The Tiki Show, Firehouse Gallery, Wichita, KS.
The Piggy Back Show, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Sweetarts, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Son of Bits of Art, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Gone Wrong, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Constructed Visions: The Art of Assemblage, Erman B. White Gallery,
Butler County Community College, El Dorado, KS.

Searching for My Inner Child, with sons Ian and Mac Frank, The Garvey Art Center, Friends University, Wichita, KS.
Ripping off the Greeks, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
Progression, The Lee Shiney Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Red, Firehouse Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Artwork To Go, The Artichoke Sandwich Bar, Wichita, KS.
Recycled Karma, co-curator, exhibitor, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
9-11 A Year After, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
But Seriously Folks, CityArts, Wichita, KS.

Embracing El Duende, curator, exhibitor, Gallery XII, Wichita, KS.
The Toy Show, CityArts, Wichita, KS.
8X8 Who Do We Appreciate, Project, Wichita, KS.
Art Relief, The Lee Shiney Gallery, Wichita, KS.
Day of the Dead, CityArts, Wichita, KS.

Millennium Bug Show, New Works Gallery, Kansas City Artists Coalition,
Kansas City, MO.
Tiny Works for the Ages, Project, Wichita, KS.
Knocking Over Mailboxes, CityArts, Wichita, KS.

Art for Your Ineffable Soul, Guest Gallery, Famous Dead Artists Lounge,
Wichita, KS.