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"Basking in the Liquid Sunshine" Mixed media on board 2004 24"x48" Diptych "Mental Compost" Mixed media 2010 22"x20" "Let it Bleed" Mixed media 2010 24"x24" "Perpetual Undertow" Mixed media 2004 48"x48" "Chlorophyll" Mixed media 2005 24"x24"
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"Something or Other from the Edge of Nowhere" Mixed media on canvas 2009 25"x13" "Chocolate Mint Eye Scream" Mixed media on paper 2007 23"x19" "Subconscious Obsession" Mixed media 2007 18"x18" "Matrimony" Mixed media 1998 36"x36" "Portal" Mixed media 2007 24"x24"
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"Orbital Velocity" Mixed media 2003 24"x20" "Cultivation" Mixed media 2010 26"x40" "Streelight Convergence" Mixed media 2007 24"x24" "W's Rose Colored Glasses" Mixed media on paper 24"x36" "Staring Down Mephistopheles" Mixed media on canvas 2008 22"x29"
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"Newborn" Mixed media 2003 13"x22" "Purge" Mixed media 2010 25"x37" "Blue Period" Mixed media 2010 24"x24" Green Thought #113, Mixed Media, 1999 Green Thought #113, Mixed Media, 1999, detail
passiflorasorma passiflorasorma2 passiflorasorma3 frequencyinnerchild firewalkers
Passiflora Sorma, Mixed Media, 2003 Passiflora Sorma, Mixed Media, 2003, assembly Passiflora Sorma, Mixed Media, 2003, low angle Frequency-Inner Child, Mixed Media, 2003 Firewalkers, Latex on canvas, 2003
featheredserpent ignitionmirror selfportrait lowuniverse internationalfear
On the Wings of the Feathered Serpent, Mixed Media, 2002 Ignition Mirror, Oil and Mixed Media on canvas, 2000 Self Portrait Breathing Midnight Air, Latex on Foamcore, 2003 Low Universe, Mixed Media, 2001 International Fear of Drinking From a Flame, Mixed Media, 2001
mixedmedia vibrationperu 60megahertz slowmotionlandscape nightlight
Mixed Media, 2004 Vibration from Peru, Mixed Media, 2002 Operating at 60 Megahertz, Mixed Media, 2004 Fast Through a Slow Motion Landscape, Mixed Media, 2004 Nightlight, Mixed Media, 2004
deepwithin cycle freetime
Deep Within, Mixed Media, 2004 "A Poster Modern Rendition of a Lost Work" Originally created by Marcel Duchamp cir.1913 Free Time